Kissing (or Killing???)

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"Mabecca feat. Clarina"  my new MV @Dailymotion ^^ 

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Melanie posted @her facebook…so sweet!! 

Colorful of Clarina…episode 64 ^^

Someone wanna see my Dailymotion’s face

hmmm okay, but let me give you some more. 

Love Marina, huh?

ladymeester071820 asked: when are we gonna see the next episode of the series?!thank you for taking the time to answer me..have a good day ;)

Hi ^^ but which series do you mean anyway?? ^^” 

For Marbecca, according to the spoiler pics we will see them on screen together again episode 4495, should be on Fr, 25.04.2014 :) But Marlene or Rebecca will appear with family or friends almost every episode for sure. 

For Clarina, we will see them this week and next…together almost every episode. :D 

Hope I can help :)

Marbecca 2014, Never Say Never Again…

Marbecca Episode 4487, Never Say Never Again…

Marbecca Episode 4487, The World Is Not Enough…

Marbecca Episode 4487, Skyfall… 

No no no, Cadu…you will never understand how I feel ^^ 

Marina in black!! Aweeee <3 

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