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Marlene Wolf (Melanie Kogler) and Rebecca von Lahnstein (Tatjana Kästel), known as Marbecca, are the highest-ranked non-English-speaking couple (#14 and #15 respectively) on AE’s Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV list. The two are part of the main cast in Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love), a daily German soap that has been airing since 1995. The show has always had homosexual characters who get equal screentime and importance as their hetero counterparts. Their main gay couple, Christian and Olli, are very popular and have been together on the show for 5 years now. Another former character, Carla von Lahnstein, had major relationships with three women and her marriage to one of them in 2006 was the first lesbian wedding on German TV. 

When Marbecca got together late last year, the producers shot a 5-episode web series on Youtube dedicated to them just being together and in love. It was the fulfillment of every Marbecca fan’s wish and made VL even cooler than it already was. So here, in 10 pictures, is an introduction to the Marbecca story so far:

1. The musical diva, the hotshot designer and a couple of sexy swimsuits

Marlene, a musical star, was briefly married to Rebecca’s brother Hagen before dating Rebecca’s other brother Tristan (yup, she sleeps her way through this family!). After a traumatic rape, Marlene didn’t like to look in the mirror much and wanted to hide that beautiful body of hers. Until hotshot designer Rebecca comes to the rescue by getting Marlene to pose with her in sexy swimsuits. By the end of it, Rebecca is completely smitten and Marlene is eternally grateful. (Oh, and thanks to Rebecca, Marlene starts having sex with Tristan again but since that’s just eww we won’t really talk about it.)

2. Spin the bottle and earth-spinning kiss 

You know how in soaps, the object of the protagonist’s affection is usually blissfully oblivious to their feelings? Thankfully Marlene is perceptive enough to suspect Rebecca has fallen for her, but Rebecca denies everything. One day, during a game of Spin The Bottle, Rebecca and Marlene are made to kiss and suddenly, the world changes for Marlene. Actually the earth might have moved right under her feet. 

3. Stop coming on to me

Now Marlene has a problem. She can’t stop thinking of Rebecca so she avoids her like the plague. But because they have mutual friends and Rebecca is her boyfriend’s sister, they keep bumping into each other (and increasingly want to hump each other, judging by the constant eye sex). The sexual tension reaches its thickest, most delicious moment when Marlene goes for a dress fitting and is so hot and bothered by Rebecca’s close contact that she pushes her violently. “Stop coming on to me!” she yells. That’s right, Marlene. Rebecca is totally making a pass at you by simply putting a scarf around your neck. 

4. She loves me, she loves me not

Barely two seconds after asking Rebecca to stay away from her, Marlene looks for Rebecca, says she still wants to be friends, then promptly kisses and makes love to her. It’s pretty clear that Marlene is giddy in love with Rebecca, but the laws of soaps won’t allow them to get together that easily. Marlene suddenly backtracks by going back to Tristan and breaks Rebecca’s heart into pieces when she agrees to marry her brother. Poor Rebecca, whose sad Bambi eyes are perpetually filled with tears and ringed by ruined mascara.

5. The eyes say what the lips will not

Marlene enters a phase where the viewers wanna shake her and slap her. She tries to get Rebecca out of her system by setting her up with a model. Bad idea. Marlene looks positively murderous every time hot model touches Rebecca. Meanwhile, Marlene confesses to her fiance about her dalliance with Rebecca before begging him to forgive her. Which Tristan does, and wedding plans run full steam ahead. But the eye sex between the ladies never stops. 

6. Moment of surrender

Rebecca designs Marlene’s wedding dress, and then they fight again and Rebecca rips the dress. Marlene is upset and Rebecca can’t bear that, so in the ultimate show of love, she mends the dress. Marlene is grateful and gives Rebecca a kiss so intense she actually faints minutes later.

7. Runaway bride

On her wedding day, Marlene can’t pay attention to her fiance lovingly reading his marriage vows, because the only person she can think of is Rebecca. So she dumps Tristan at the altar, runs to Rebecca and finally says the three words she’s suppressed for so long. Cue a million sighs and happy tears from long-suffering Marbecca fans. 

8. A secret affair 

Tristan goes psycho after Marlene smashes his heart, so our very considerate girls have a secret affair. They have stolen moments in their homes and Rebecca’s office and even go for a literal roll in the hay, acting like teenagers who’ve just discovered their first love. It’s all so ridiculously beautiful. 

9. Stay away from my girl or else… 

Tristan becomes more psycho when he finds out his sister and ex-fiancee are doing the deed. He ruins Marlene’s career and nearly burns the lovebirds to death. But that only makes Marbecca stronger and unleashes Angry Rebecca, who’s still a pretty sight. 

10. Together (forever?)

In the year since they finally got together, Marlene has lost her voice and mother and Rebecca her dad. Rebecca is also having career woes with the arrival of a talented rival and a scheming vixen who makes moves on her. But Marbecca remain solidly committed to each other. They have each other’s back and would go against anyone who hurts the other. There’s no sign of either dying or cheating so fans can breathe easy. Germany, you totally rock. :)

If you want to watch Verbotene Liebe, the show airs every Monday-Friday at 1800 German time (1200 EST) on http://www.daserste.de/verbotene-liebe

Their official Youtube channel carries full episodes. For a version with English subtitles, check out Novemberstern75 and Mittag1234100 on Youtube.

Marbecca also have a dedicated Facebook page, MarbeccaVL


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The Story of Marbecca @The L Chat

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Verbotene Liebe Family-Fan Day 2014

and Tatjana Kästel <3 

Pictures: Thanks to www.daserste.de

Verbotene Liebe Family-Fan Day 2014

and Tatjana Kästel <3

Pictures: Thanks to www.kamen-web.de

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